“Homeless will no longer be Helpless”

Decentralized Homelessness Management Solution



More than 50,000 people fight homelessness in America every single day
Homeless individuals lack proper documentation to prove their personal identity
Lack of proper data causes misdiagnosis, duplication, and fragmentation in service delivery
Organizations and agencies have highly fragmented data to cater to the needs of the homeless in the city

Empowering and improving the lives of homeless

Introducing an intelligent platform for managing homelessness using secure digital asset tracking leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Let’s put an end to multiple existing challenges involved in coordination and data sharing among city leaders and health & social service agencies in managing homelessness in the city.

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A Decentralized Network will be established to enable relevant government agencies, civic organizations, and community members to participate and share data

Retinal Scan

We use retinal scan to create a unique identity for each and every homeless individual in the blockchain where it is shared among entities involved in service delivery


The system will leverage IoT technology to collect data in real-time which will be processed in Big Data Repositories to provide insights using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Unique Identity

Our System uses retinal scanning to establish a unique identity for each and every homeless individual in the city for transparent transfer of homeless's services

Secure and Immutable

Individual identities are stored on the blockchain, making it secure and immutable and thereby helping the homeless individuals to easily avail their facilities


Navigation to Shelters, Soup Kitchens & Healthcare services made easier and hassle-free for fighting homelessness, helping them to lead a safer and better life

No more wrong-door policies

How does the platform
empower lives?

The platform equips authorities to deliver person-centered care for homeless individuals struggling to survive homelessness and empowers them to become part of a distributed information and economic system by establishing a secure and immutable identity for each and every homeless individual in the city.

How does the platform work?


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Raghu Bala


Hoang Tung

Director of Technology

Georgey Jacob

Director of Marketing

Harish Kamat

Director of Business Development

Mahesh R

Director of Partnerships

Mohan Raman

VP Operations

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